One day Kevin Adkins, 36, was searching for his runaway turkeys. He had gone in the middle of the woods but instead he found an 11,000-year-old fossil of a giant creature.


Kevin's farm is located on the outskirts of the small town in Putnam County, West Virginia. The woods open up just beyond Adkins' outbuildings, so no wonder the man was worried about his birds. The turkeys could easily have gotten away.


The man called his friend, Tony Hagen, to help in his search. They walked through the woods for about half an hour until they came to a creek and were about to cross it.


"I looked down and saw it. It was rounded, shiny, obviously not rock. At the last moment I noticed something else unusual – big teeth," Kevin later told reporters.


The fossil weighed 30 pounds. Kevin contacted the local geological service, and they gave him the phone number of Dr. Greg MacDonald who specializes in ancient fossils.

"Kevin was lucky enough to find the remains of a giant sloth. These creatures weighed over 2,000 pounds each and disappeared about 11,000 years ago," Dr. McDonald explained.


The farmer has not yet decided what he will do with the find. Several museums are already offering him decent money for it.


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