It's amazing how three completely different animals not only tolerate each other, but also become such good friends that even circumstances cannot separate them.

A senior man, who due to his age could no longer take care of his pets, surrendered Alex the dog, Twix the rat, and Jack the cat to a shelter. The man wanted his pets to be never separated, but the shelter staff warned him that this was unlikely. Indeed, it is quite hard to find a home even for one pet to say nothing of three animals.


Nevertheless, this incredible trio won the hearts of all the shelter employees. People, some of whom were taking care of animals for decades, had never seen anything like that. Routine check-ups were impossible if only one of the trio was examined. But if the staff took all three pets at once, they would peacefully sit without even a hint of resistance.

Of course, keeping this trio in different enclosures also didn't work. The shelter had to break rules and give the cat, the dog, and the rat a separate room.


The animals slept, ate, played together, and never left each other's side. All this time volunteers tried hard to find them a forever home. Of course, there were people who were willing to take the animals separately, but the shelter staff wanted place them with one family.

And a few months later a wealthy couple came to the shelter. In the past they had already taken in a few kittens. When this family found out about the unusual trio that lived at the shelter, they asked to see this miracle. They were quite impressed and decided to take in the cat and the dog at once, but there was a problem with the rat. The couple already had a lot of cats and dogs living in their house, so they didn't know how their pets would react to a rodent. On second thoughts they decided to take in Twix as well and see if they would get along.


Fortunately, the couple's pets took this trio with curiosity rather than aggression. So, the cat, dog, and rat found home and friends, and, most importantly, they stayed together.


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