The staff at Charleston Animal Society in South Carolina could never have imagined that one day they would meet an unusual dog named Gumby. But what makes Gumby, the white beautiful hound, stand out among other shelter animals? The point is that he returned to the shelter 11 times!

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First attempt

In 2014, a cute white dog named Gumby first arrived at the South Carolina animal shelter. He was an ordinary stray doggie, and the shelter staff hoped that they could find him a family in which the dog would be happy.

Soon a loving family was found for Gumby. The volunteers were overjoyed that the dog finally had a home and a family willing to take care of him. Who would have thought that three days later, Gumby would run away from his owners and return to the shelter!

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Being extremely surprised the volunteers thought that Gumby didn't like his new home. Maybe the owners' treatment left much to be desired, or maybe they just did not get along with the dog. One way or another, the dog ended up at the shelter again, and the volunteers started looking for a new family for him.

As soon as the new owners were found, Gumby was handed over to them. But the second attempt ended almost exactly the same way as the first one. After six days, Gumby ran away from his owners and returned to the shelter.

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Not knowing what to think, the shelter staff decided to warn prospective owners of the doggie's tendency to run away. The third owners promised to be careful, but the situation repeated itself. Despite the family's best efforts to make the pet comfortable, Gumby rushed to the shelter!

Apparently, the third owners were the type of people who were not used to giving up quickly, so they took Gumby from the shelter again. But after that, the dog disappeared from their home four (!) more times, and he was brought back to the shelter by kind people or the animal control service. Tired of his escapes, the owners surrendered him to the shelter, realizing that they could not handle the furry fugitive.


The next few times the situation repeated itself like in a comedy series. Gumby again and again escaped from his owners and ended up at the shelter. True, in some cases, he was brought back by his owners, one of whom admitted that in a month of keeping the pet, Gumby tried to escape three times. And, even locked doors were not a problem!

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Charleston Animal Society is Grumby's home


After the 11th unsuccessful attempt to re-home the skittish Gumby, the volunteers finally realized that the dog would still come back. He had become very attached to the shelter and its staff and, therefore, did not want to part with them.

And then the volunteers decided that the dog would stay in the shelter forever. This decision made Gumby happy, and his escapes are a thing of the past.

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Now Gumby lives at the shelter and receives daily attention and care from the people he loves dearly. He also helps dogs who feel lonely: he plays with them and calms them down. What a smart doggie!


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