A real estate agent who took a "gamble" on blind flat purchase was taken aback when he saw his new property for the first time. Nevertheless, he managed to double its value after just four weeks.

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Taylor Kay said he immediately thought, "I've made a big mistake," after being greeted by mountains of urine-soaked trash on his first visit.

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The 29-year-old property guru admits he took a big risk when he spent $85,000 in cash on the shabby one-bedroom duplex in London.

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But the investment paid off since Taylor has transformed the disgusting apartment into a $180,000 luxury property.

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The day Kay was offered the apartment, he had no idea of its condition. But since the price was attractive, he agreed to buy it.

"When I agreed to buy it, I drove round and had a little look but you couldn't look through the windows because they were covered up."

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Taylor filmed his first entry into the apartment as he fought his way inside, saying he was immediately greeted by "the worst smell I've ever smelled."

Source: @lordtk16

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Taylor said, "I had no information on the property itself. We knew it was a maisonette but we didn't know what it was like inside - how many bedrooms it had or how bad it was."

After the refurbishment the apartment looks gorgeous

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It boasts a fully-equipped modern kitchen

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And beautiful bathroom

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"It was quite a gamble, but the price was attractive enough to take that risk."

Taylor Kay. Source: @lordtk16

Source: The Sun

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