According to the recent research in cosmology, our Universe may only mirror a parallel world. Canadian scientists from the Institute for Theoretical Physics have reached the conclusion that the mirror universe consists of antimatter and is rushing in the opposite direction from the Big Bang on the timeline.


In the modern scientific paradigm, the universe is believed to have been formed as a result of the Big Bang 14 billion years ago. Since then, it has been constantly expanding and cooling down.


However, none of the theories explains why there is little antimatter and a lot of matter in the visible part of the universe since they must be evenly distributed. This paradox is known as the baryon asymmetry problem.


And the explanation put forward by the Canadians finally solves this mystery. According to the hypothesis, the Big Bang was a point of symmetry. The Universe and the parallel universe appeared simultaneously and flew in different directions.


"The Antiverse is similar to our universe, but is not an exact copy of it. Everything has already happened there. Probably your anti-double lives somewhere," explained one of the authors of the hypothesis.

According to this theory, black holes might be points of contact with the antiverse. However, scientists have yet to prove this.


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