Sometimes uninvited guests in a garden become a serious problem. Usually it is moles that are to blame for a spoiled lawn, but sometimes more exotic specimen can be spotted.

At the beginning of this year a man from Brazil discovered a large hole while weeding his backyard. The hole was so deep that he couldn't see who lived on his property, so he decided to pour water there.

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Getting to know the uninvited guest

Of course, this method worked. To his greatest surprise, the man saw a small animal in real armor. It turned out to be an armadillo. The animal slowly and reluctantly left its burrow as the water filled it.

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Then the guest walked over to the water hose and began to drink, licking the water with his tongue playfully. But in a moment the armadillo was already clutching at the hose that had so treacherously flooded its cozy abode.

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How to catch an unusual animal?

While the armadillo was busy fighting with the hose, the man decided to catch it. He slowly approached and grabbed the beast with one hand. Out of surprise, the animal made a loud sound that sounded like a scream. But it was no use trying to break free, it had already been caught.

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Naturally, the homeowner did not want to hurt the rare animal. He simply washed the dirt off it and examined it more closely. The armadillo looked very much like a plump and muscular rat wearing a peculiar armor that resembles a tortoise shell.

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If you turn the armadillo over, its paws look really scary. These animals have long claws which allow them to dig deep into the ground and protect themselves from predators.

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After the acquaintance, the man decided to take the armadillo back into the woods. Still, this is a wild animal that can be a serious problem for villagers.

Which of the unusual visitors have you met in your backyard?


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