Emily Chrislip, 25, from Idaho, was chosen to give birth to a baby for a couple from China back in September 2019. Initially, it was planned that the surrogate would give birth to a baby in the US, and the Chinese couple would come for the birth. However, COVID-19 has made them abandon their plans.

Emily and the baby girl. Source: The Sun

Emily gave birth to a baby girl on May 18, 2020, but because of the pandemic, the adoptive parents were unable to travel from China. That's why the couple asked the surrogate and her husband Brandon to take care of their daughter until they could have her.

Source: The Sun

The couple admitted that it was a difficult decision for them, but they agreed to take care of the baby for four weeks. However, Chrislip had to keep the baby girl for an entire year.

Emily and the baby girl. Source: The Sun

"At first, we thought it would be four weeks at most, but then it kept getting delayed and delayed," Emily said.

The woman said she and her husband are trying to put certain "barriers" between themselves and the girl because they know they will have to give her to the adoptive parents one day.

"We definitely love her and will always care for her, but we understand she is not ours. We just treat her as our own because at this stage in life it is so important to have the proper attention and love," Emily said.

Emily, her husband Brandon, and their 2-year-old son Camden. Source: The Sun

Emily received about $40,000 for her surrogacy which she spent on her student loan and a new home. The woman made the decision to become a surrogate after welcoming her own son Camden, who is now 2 years old. Now Emily admits she's not sure if she wants to go through this experience again, but she thinks it may be possible in the future.

Emily, Brandon, and their 2-year-old son Camden. Source: The Sun

Source: The Sun

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