Not long ago a cute incident happened on a street in Winchester, Connecticut. Mother bear was trying hard to get her four mischievous cubs cross the street.

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She made several attempts, but each time she was crossing the street scuffing one baby, another one rushed in the opposite direction. One might think she had ten cubs judging by the number of attempts she made to cross the road. Her four cubs took it as an interesting game.  

Source: YouTube screenshot

Although there was a traffic sign that read "40 Miles Per Hour," all the drivers stopped their cars and waited in patience for the beautiful mama and all her kids to cross the street.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Bears crossing streets isn't uncommon for Connecticut. Since the bear population has risen significantly over the last decade, the local authorities have even issued guidelines in case you encounter a bear.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Internet users were extremely amused by this touching sight.

"Hats off to that mom, that was only 2 minutes of her day imagine the other 23 hours 58 minutes!" one person wrote.

"I bet that sweet little prancing momma's boy who follows her back and forth is the one who never stops asking questions too," another noted.

"People stopping their cars and allowing this mom and her offspring a safe and relatively stress-free crossing of the street, is as heartwarming as the cute cubs themselves. Thank you for your patience and kindness, drivers," the third person wrote.

Furthermore, there were some people who could relate to this mother bear:

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"As a mom I can say we’ve all had mornings like this!"

"Yes..mornings...afternoons...& evenings...I had a son who had adhd...somehow I think mama bear had it easier..."

"It's like when the kids embarrass you at the mall or at the restaurant with everybody watching. Every mom's nightmare!"

Watch this touching video:

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