Nowadays everybody knows that recycling is essential. Besides reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, reusing and recycling everything we can is good for the environment because new things can be made of old and waste products.

The latter concerns not only plastic bottles but also your pet hair!

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True, every pet owner knows how much fur our pets shed. One woman from Poland has come up with the idea to reuse her dog hair she gathers daily all around her home.

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Warm bird nests

During nesting season, birds do a lot of preparation to welcome their offspring. They spend their time gathering twigs and feathers to build a sturdy a nest for their chicks. To make the nest most comfortable and warm they need some fluffy material, and your pet's hair is just perfect for this purpose.

So, after brushing your dog or cat, hang the fur with clothes pins on your balcony. In such a way birds will have an easy access to the material so necessary for them.

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Of course, be careful if you've recently flea-treated your pet since their fur can be toxic to the birds. In this case, you need to wait for a week before you place your pet's fur outside. And last but not least, don't let your cat near the birds!

This is what the Polish woman wrote on Facebook about this idea:

"Want to make a gift to our local birds? If you have a pet at home that sheds hair in the spring, its fur can be used to build nests – an idea from a colleague from Wilanów."

Her post has been showered with funny comments:

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"A better gift would have been to not let the kittens out during the youngsters' shedding period... but good for you too."

"I always shed my hair after combing."

"Crows on a walk tear directly from my dog."

And what do you think about this idea?


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