Hundreds of people always crowd to watch the departure or arrival of the world's largest cruise ship. This is not surprising because Harmony of the Seas is a real floating city. It's three times the size of the Titanic and can easily house 8,000 people, including the crew.


Harmony of the Seas is 1,188 ft long. By the way, the length of the Titanic was only 883 ft. However, the width and number of decks give the ship several times more useful space.

The maximum beam of the ship is 217 ft and its displacement is 120,000 tons. Therefore, to see the top decks of the 16-deck giant, you have to go far away.


And the number of passengers on board is comparable to the population of a small village. All 16 decks comfortably house 6,300 voyagers. And to that number you still need to add the crew of 2,100 people.


The ship is so big that there are about 50,000 plants on its decks including real trees. After walking around the local "woods" tourists can choose one of the 3 swimming pools, and after that to dine at one of its 20 giant restaurants.


Watch a detailed tour of this enormous passenger ship:

Harmony of the Seas cost Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. $1.3 billion. The company expects to recoup that money in the near future as interest in cruising is growing worldwide again.


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