When a tiny cheetah cub was born at the Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia, his mother didn't have enough milk for all her cubs. So he was pulled from his mom and he began to be hand-raised. At some point he started refusing to eat, and the caretakers tried many methods to feed the baby, but none of them worked. So, one of the zoo's employees came up with the idea to put a puppy with the cheetah. The experiment was filmed on the video, featuring the reaction of the little cat to his new friend.

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Puppy Kago was not at all surprised by the unusual friend. He behaved patronizingly, which calmed the kitten Kumbali. The cheetah finally got down to his meal and quickly put on weight.

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Cheetahs are fearful by nature. However, male cheetahs are very social animals. In the wild they form coalitions with their brothers. Because Kumbali was all alone, the zoo staff wanted him to have another furry companion. Even this relationship would never happen in the wild, dogs are perfect companions for cheetahs. This was first noticed by the San Diego Zoo staff back in the 1980s.

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That's why Kago and Kumbali quickly became friends. They play with each other with pleasure:

Kumbali will stay in the National Park since he is unlikely to adapt to the life in the wild.

Source: trendymen.com

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