After my husband and I tied the knot, I moved to my husband's three-room apartment. In fact, it is a luxuriously furnished apartment in a prestigious residential area, almost in the city center, so there is nothing to complain about. We can even afford to buy a condo in the suburbs, but he does not want to waste time on traffic jams. He's also bought an apartment for his parents, which is located rather far from us (this is very prudent, since he knows his mother better than I do).

In short, I would be quite content with my life if it weren't for one thing.

My husband has a 10-year-old bull terrier named Tina. The dog is purebred, her puppies were sold for thousands of dollars. I try not to raise this topic, but I've heard that the dog used to be a champion in fights, and she has many scars. My husband does not want to talk about his dog at all.

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Tina appears disgusting to me, she looks like a white rat. And I love dogs! I used to have Max, a spitz mix who lived for 17 years with me. In the end he had no teeth left, so we had to blend all his food.

And then Biscuit, a rescue white doggie found 4 years ago. Biscuit lives with my parents, and my husband says she cannot come to us since Tina will not tolerate.

Anyway, I'm pregnant now, due in six weeks. I'm afraid of Tina, although she treats me OK, even allows to be petted (and my mother-in-law isn't allowed to do so).

But I am scared to stay alone with her. I do not know what is on her mind and what to expect the next minute. I cannot walk her since she is stronger than me and I cannot predict her reaction outdoors. For example, she has attacked cats and even a drunk neighbor. Even in a muzzle it is very difficult to walk her.

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She worships my husband. But he spends almost all his time at office, and I have to stay at home alone with the dog, which I am just afraid of!

And soon we are going to welcome our baby. I've told my husband about my fears and worries but he wouldn't listen! He said that he was not a traitor, he would never leave his friend and Tina would live with us. He assures me that she will never do us harm. I believe him. But I am still scared!

Now I'm at my wits' end, I've lost my peace of mind. God forbid the dog thinks that the baby is a stranger. Maybe it is better to move to my parents' place after birth for a while? But my husband does not want to hear about it. And if I cannot control everything? What should I do?


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