Alicia Birch, a 34-year-old mom of two from South Australia, has been working as a hairdresser for 20 years. Almost two years ago she was looking for a suitable part-time job at home.

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After some good thinking, her husband Ben, 36, came up with the idea to renovate a pre-owned caravan for his wife to start her own business. They ended up buying a $2,500 RV later in March 2021.

"The caravan was very rundown and needed to be taken apart and decorated with new materials," Alicia said.

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After the renovation, Alicia works four days a week in her transformed caravan, which is located in her yard!

The couple was able to complete the entire renovation on their own working only on weekends. By the way, Ben works full-time as a cabinet maker and Alicia is very good at interior design.

Source: Daily Mail

When the couple first purchased the RV, it was in terrible condition and badly in need of a complete renovation.

In the end, this DIY project took the couple 10 months, and they spent about $20,000 on the whole motorhome upgrade.

"The project would have cost a lot more if we had paid for labor and tradesmen, so I feel very lucky," Alicia says.

Source: Daily Mail

Due to the caravan's circular outer shell, everything had to be custom made.

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"It was definitely difficult to make sure everything fit, but we're really happy with the end result," Alicia adds.

The blue horizontal stripe on the white background of the shell with the wooden front door gives the caravan a sophisticated look.

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The caravan boasts a couch, two hairdresser chairs, a washbasin, a benchtop, a closet, and potted plants. There is plenty of space to store Alicia's numerous tools and products. Customers can drink coffee or tea while waiting for Alicia. The custom-made roof of the caravan lets in plenty of sunlight.

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This April, Alicia also shared photos of her caravan transformation on the Facebook group Caravan Renovations, where her post received many enthusiastic comments.

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"I love it, it looks great! I'm doing the same thing with my 72 Viscount Royal," one woman wrote.

"I've just started repairing mine to turn it into a mobile massage clinic," another internet user said.

Source: Daily Mail


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