Being birds of prey, hawks aren't really used to anyone hunting them and of course, they can hardly imagine that they can be caught. That's why the photo showing a bewildered hawk, a California resident caught trying to protect her chickens, went viral.

The Twitter user @Jackalcakes shared a photo showing her mother holding the strong bird, that seems to be shocked by what has just happened.

Typically, hawks look for their prey while in the sky, then dive to get it at about 130 mph.

However, it seems that this farmer was many times faster than the hawk, as she managed to grab it with her bare hands.

"My mother caught a hawk while it was diving to get her chickens and it just has the most confused face ever that this could have gone so wrong," the woman's daughter wrote.

Source: Twitter

The hawk stares into the camera as if trying to figure out how it was possible for it to have been caught by an ordinary woman.

Twitter users liked this hilarious photo that quickly became very popular. It also received hundreds of comments, many of which praised the mother's ninja-like reflexes.

Source: Twitter

"How the hell did she manage to catch a hawk? Did she just grab it out of the sky? Is she a ninja??? I want answers," one user wrote.

"Your mother just...caught a hawk??? I need more information on that," another added.

Some were trying, looking at the photo, to imagine what the shocked bird was thinking at the time, "Yeah. That's me. I bet you're wondering how I got into this situation. I guess I should start from the beginning."

Source: Twitter

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Later the daughter of the brave chicken owner wrote about the hawks' fate, "Since a lot of people are asking what happened with the hawk, she let it go! It is actually still around in the area, it just doesn't come around the chickens anymore."


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