There is no doubt that our pets bring so much joy in our life. Dogs, cats, bunnies, terrapins, parrots, and even snakes. But have you even heard that foxes can be pets with whom spending time can be fun too?

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In the United States foxes aren't considered to be pets, moreover, only 15 states allow private individuals to keep foxes on their property. In other parts of the world, people are not kind to foxes since they are considered vermin harmful to farm animals.

Back in 2015, a kind woman spotted a weak baby fox near her farm. Rachael Parker couldn't leave the cub to fend for itself, so she took the baby in and named it Fergie.

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By the way, Parker runs Greener Pastures Sanctuary where more than 170 rescue animals live.

First Fergie was a little bit nervous living with people and animals of various species. But Phoenix, 8, one of Rachael’s daughters, has come to the rescue. The girl is a true animal lover. She enjoys helping her mother take care of the animals, feeding them or just playing with them.

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The girl bonded to Fergie the fox from the moment the arrived to the Parkers. She likes when her pet fox climbs on her, and Fergie the fox allows Phoenix to pet her belly.

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"I wasn't going to let her die and I knew that we could give her a great home. I had no idea how strong the bond between my little girl Phoenix and Fergie would become," Rachael said.

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Fergie gets extremely excited whenever Phoenix comes close to her enclosure. It comes as no surprise since every morning she comes to her pet fox to feed her and play with her.

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Indeed, Fergie is so lucky to be taken care of by Rachael Parker and her beautiful daughter Phoenix!

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Watch the story of this incredible friendship:


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