Huxley the ram was living a very miserable life in a petting zoo. The was laying by himself in the corner of his pen for ten years and didn't have anyone by his side. Judging by his face expression one could say that he had completely given up on life. Fortunately, Rian Feldman, Founder and President of Uncle Neil’s Home, a sanctuary for rescued farm animals based in New Jersey, was determined to rescue the poor thing.

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The poor ram was so unhappy that even zoo visitors called him the "depressed ram." And this comes as no surprise since he lived in a pen with no shelter, so he had nowhere to hide from rain, snow, sleet, or hail… He also didn't eat properly, as hundreds of zoo goers just threw him food over the fence. So, he was very overweight, since food was the only joy in his life.

But the worst thing was that de didn't have a companion. He would spend his time lying in the pen corner all by himself.

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"I said to myself and I said to him every single time I went to see him, 'I'm going to get you out of here.' Every time I closed my eyes at night, I saw him lying there. He would keep me up at night. I envisioned him being all alone there not knowing that anyone cared about his life," Feldman recalls.

The kind woman submitted an urgent proposal to county commissioners to release the three most critical animals to Uncle Neil’s Home for them to get some medical care. Soon afterwards the ram was released to Feldman's sanctuary.

Here he got the proper shelter, a soft bed, and love and attention he so much deserved.

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"He spent every single day for over 10 years completely miserable. So, he was probably very confused experiencing love and respect for the first time," Rian says.

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Now that Huxley is fed regularly, has his water refreshed and some fresh straw to sleep on every day, he knows he is finally safe.

He has a newfound "zest for life," and his personality shines through. He even started to make friends. His most beloved companion is an ewe named Josephine. He's also made friends with pigs and sheep.

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Huxley's favorite place is under a cherry blossom tree, where Feldman likes brushing his neck.

"He just lives every single day very, very happy," Feldman says. "He's a different ram than when we first met him."

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Learn more about Huxley the ram that now lives life to the fullest in the video below.


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