On December 25, many people around the world celebrate Christmas. Just before this time the huge "pre-Christmas" asteroid will approach Earth. According to NASA classification, given the size of the asteroid, it is considered potentially hazardous to our planet.

The scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) argue that the asteroid called 2015 RN35 is now racing toward Earth. The asteroid is 460ft wide an is considered potentially dangerous.

Source: Live Science

Data on its trajectory shows that it travels at a great speed of 13,000 mph and on Thursday it will approach Earth at the distance of 420,000 miles. By cosmic standards, this is very close, although this is almost twice the distance from our planet to the Moon. If an asteroid of this size is closer than 4.5 million miles to Earth, it is already considered to be potentially dangerous.

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At the same time, scientists from the ESA argue that there is nothing to be afraid of and that this space rock will pass by Earth. Asteroid 2015 RN35 is of particular interest to astronomers, as very little is known about it, although it was discovered back in 2015. Therefore, the ESA has asked amateur astronomers to observe and even photograph this asteroid. Especially since it will be possible to observe it until December 19 as it moves away from Earth.

Source: Live Science

Scientists are still not sure of what exactly this space rock is made, whether it is really about 460ft wide or bigger, and whether it rotates around its axis.

While scientists have already discovered almost all of the huge asteroids, most asteroids the size of 2015 RN35, are still flying through space and remain unknown to science. According to scientists, there could be several hundred thousand such asteroids, and if they hit Earth, it would cause significant destruction.

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