In a small wildlife sanctuary, a mother lion abandoned her four tiny cubs. The caretakers came up with an idea to give the cubs to the local German Shepherd Sandra, who had just become a mom. The Shepherd dog immediately accepted the cubs and raised them as her own pups. She spends hours nursing and grooming them, and by the expression of her face one can definitely say that she is absolutely happy.

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Funny enough, Sandra was known to everyone for her huge dislike for cats. She never liked them and so the sanctuary workers were surprised when the dog started taking care of the lion cubs.

Sandra never liked cats

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Sandra instantly took the lions as her own pups. The sheepdog not only takes care of them, but also nurses them. Little by little the lion cubs are getting stronger.

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"The little ones even began to behave like little puppies. They are running everywhere, guarding the fence," the caretakers say.

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Look how cute these animals look together

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When the lion cubs grow up, they will join other lions in the sanctuary.


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