According to Emily White, 26, she has recently faced the problem she had never had before. At the toy store checkout, she was told that her son couldn't buy a toy airplane and a tea set with loose change.

Two weeks ago, a family from Britain had gone to Smyths Toys Superstore at the Portland Retail Park, UK, because their son wanted to buy a toy with the money he had saved up. However, when the woman tried to pay with loose change, she was told she would either have to pay with a card or go to an ATM.

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According to White, she and her mom were told that there was a $10 limit to pay in coins. This was the store policy.

Of course, Emily tried to explain to the store staff that this money her little son had been saving up for months, so "it wasn't just change."

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"I took [my son] to Smyths to pick what he wanted. We were walking round, he was finding what he wants, we get to the till. My mum pulled out the bag with the money in and the worker is like 'I can't take that'. We said 'what do you mean?'" Emily recalls.

However, the cashier repeated it again and said that she would send for the store manager to explain this to us. 'Sorry, we can't take that, but there's an ATM at Sainsbury's. Come back, pay for the toys, and then it's all sorted," the cashier added.

The Sainsbury's store was quite far away, so Emily didn't want to go there for the cash. So, she paid for the toys with her card because she didn't want her boy to go without anything.

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"I just think it's a bit disgusting that my child is three in February and he needs to learn the value of money and that's how they dealt with it," Emily said.

And how do you think, is this store policy too strict? Share your thoughts in comments!

Source: The Sun

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