A man was driving at an impressive speed of 180 mph on the expressway and thought he was the fastest. However, something caught his eye in his rear-view mirror. Just behind him there was another guy who was in a real hurry.

Source: trendymen.com

Such a thing could only happen in Germany since there is no speed limit on 60% of the highways.

The guy, who reached 180 mph in an attempt to get ahead of the traffic, saw this first-hand. He did keep the lead for a while, but pretty soon the next car impatiently flashed its headlights and overtook him.

Source: trendymen.com

Anyway, we should give the driver of the first car his due. Not everybody can drive 180 mph.

Tourists are not recommended to drive on expressways in Germany since cars rush very fast. Those who are not used to this kind of traffic will find it quite difficult to size up the situation.

Source: trendymen.com

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