Two Theme Park dolphins are being trained so as they could return to the wild in the near future. Years ago, they were illegally caught in the sea and sold to an amusement park where they were forced to perform before thousands of people.

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Taesan and Boksoon, the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, had to work seven days a week at a theme park in South Korea until the Supreme Court ruled to return them to the wild.

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On May 14, Taesan and Boksoon were transferred from Seoul Grand Park to the Gadoori Training Center. After years spent in captivity, the dolphins cannot be released without re-learning their survival skills.

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They were transferred to the training center so they could re-learn how to live in the wild. It was the first step toward the freedom they deserve so much.

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The Gadoori Training Center staff hope that the mammals will soon fully adapt to the new environment.

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For example, Chunsam, Jedol, and Sampal, dolphins previously released back into the wild after years of staying in captivity, are finally living life to the fullest, and one of them has been recently captured on camera as she was swimming with other dolphins. As for Taesan and Boksoon, they will return to the wild after training.

Source: Twitter

May Taesan and Boksoon live long and happy lives!

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