Every week Marion Forrest, 86, buys groceries at Duke's Mini Mart in Rancho Mirage. That week wasn't different. As the senior lady was paying for her stuff, the young cashier smiled at her and offered her to buy a lottery ticket. Marion wasn't sure if she needed one, but the guy insisted. The ticket cost as much as a cup of coffee, and she could win $500,000.00. That money could buy an apartment in the city center or a big house with a swimming pool in the countryside.

The elderly woman asked what the cashier's name was. The guy's name was Walter. "Walter," said Marion, "okay if I win, I'll take care of you." That was the only way she agreed to buy the ticket. The cashier was sure it was just a joke. But a few days later he realized that the woman was quite serious.

Marion Forrest's ticket turned out to be a lucky one! True, she did not win $500,000.00 this time since the ticket brought her only $300. This was not enough for a house or an apartment, but would be enough for dining out several times. Even though Marion didn't hit the jackpot, she was determined to keep her word.

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Her granddaughter, Heidi, watched in amazement as her grandma ordered balloons that read "Walter Won!" and put the money in an envelope. The girl decided to record this touching moment.

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It was worth it! Just look at Walter's face when the elderly lady with the balloons shows up on the doorstep of his store, literally glowing with joy. It seems that he can't believe his eyes.

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The surprise was a success indeed! Grandma Marion and Walter both could barely contain their excitement, and everyone in the store started applauding. Just look at that:

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