Some things in our life are taken for granted. Most of us don't pay much attention to our ability to see, hear, walk, or ride a bicycle along a picturesque path in the woods. Unfortunately, there are lots of adults and kids who do not have this privilege.

Soon after baby Charly was born, her parents noticed that she didn't respond to noises or vocal cues. They grew extremely worried and immediately addressed their doctor who ordered to do a hearing test. It turned out that little Charly was born with hearing loss. That is why the specialist advised to have cochlear implants.

The point is that first year after birth is crucial for baby's speech development. Babies start picking up sounds and their mom's intonation from the first days of their life and if they don't hear speech as infants, they are unlikely to develop language skills later. That's why infants should be implanted as quickly as possible.

After Charly was operated on, her mom shared a video that immediately went viral. Here the beautiful baby girl hears her mom tell her "I love you" for the first time. Little Charly's reaction is so adorable. Her face expression changed from amazement and confusion to curiosity and tears. Indeed, this moment was so touching.

Source: Instagram

Charly's mom has recently posted this video again with an update on her daughter's health.

"4 years since this moment. I share it every year and every year I continue to be amazed by how much Charly has progressed. She’s now 4, bilaterally implanted, uses ASL & speech (prefers speech) and is thriving in school! She LOVES to sing and dance and recently started gymnastics! She has the biggest personality and an even bigger heart! She is a social butterfly. She is tough. She will try anything. She is smart. She takes ZERO shit. She will definitely be a leader in some way when she grows up."

The proud mom also added that she talked to two moms of babies diagnosed with hearing loss, and she reassured them that the incredible strength they are about to discover in themselves would definitely pay off just like in Charly's case.


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