A group of photographers was on their way to the forest to shoot wildlife when one of them spotted an unusual silhouette moving in the bushes. The wolf came to humans from a deep thicket. His head was stuck in a large plastic jar. Having found no salvation, he decided to ask people for help.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot

This happened near Lake Nagpur in India. One of the photographers took the picture of the poor thing who was sitting alone under the tree. He wasn't afraid of people and apparently wanted them to save him from the plastic trap. Locals must have dumped the jar along with some leftovers and the wolf tried to get them.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The animal already looked emaciated. Ans he was hungry and it was hot so the wolf had already lost his last strength. Most likely, the wolf had been walking around with the jar for several days.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Looking closely at the surrounding bushes, the photographers noticed that the wolf was not alone. His pack was watching their fellow and people, but did not interfere.

The wolf with the jar let quietly approach him. Taking precautions, the jar was removed. The animal definitely would not have done it on its own.

Source: YouTube screenshot

At this moment, the wolf ran back into the woods.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Incidents like this are not uncommon in India. Locals often throw plastic bottles and jars into the woods, where animals find them and get stuck.

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Source: YouTube screenshot

God bless these people who helped save this precious wolf!

Source: trendymen.com

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