A man got out into the snowy desert in Canada and made himself a tent out of ordinary cellophane for an experiment. His acquaintances dissuaded him from the test, but the traveler nevertheless decided to conduct an experiment and spend the night in a cellophane tent at -58 degrees farenheit. For the purity of the test, the man recorded everything, specially but during the night as the blizzard came.

Survival in the cold. Source: humanstory.com

This is not the first time Zachary Spence has been out for a winter sleepover. He runs a popular vlog about survival in the woods, so he immediately grabbed hold of the forecast for the week: a heavy snowfall was about to begin relatively near Ottawa.

Unique traveler. Source: humanstory.com

Spencer gathered materials to build an experimental tent and set off for Marlborough Forest. He reached the point without adventure and set up his tent practically in the middle of a clear field. The man had prepared in advance the cellophane base mounts on standard tent arches, and threw a waterproof awning on top for reliability.

Home made with his own hands. Source: humanstory.com

At sunset, Spence took a drone into the sky to take pictures of the surrounding nature. It's clearly more than a kilometer away from the nearest settlement.

Uninhabited location. Source: humanstory.com

The temperature behind the walls of the tent dropped sharply. However, the cellophane cover proved to be an excellent insulating material, and the waterproof tent thrown over the top also helped. Thanks to the stove, the tent was still warm even at -50 degrees.

Spencer videotaped both inside and outside the tent.

Source: humanstory.com

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