A renowned neurosurgeon believes he has experienced the afterlife while in a seven-day coma. He dedicated his life to proving the existence of heaven and wrote a book about what he had seen while being unconscious.

A former lecturer at Harvard Medical School and author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife, Dr. Eben Alexander, a physician with 25 years of experience, never believed in the afterlife. Moreover, he took pity on those who did, and believed that there was a reasonable scientific explanation for the visions described by survivors of clinical death. However, after experiencing a severe brain injury and subsequent coma, he changed his mind. According to Dr. Alexander, while he was in a coma, he lived amazing moments: he met a spiritual guide who took him to a place very much like heaven.

Source: The Sun

What did he see?

In 2008, Dr. Alexander fell into a coma due to an acute bacterial infection (meningitis) that destroyed his brain cells. According to the neurosurgeon, medical reports showed that his body stopped responding to external stimuli, his cortex, which is responsible for thoughts and emotions, stopped functioning, which means that at that moment he was "in no shape to have any dream or hallucination." Nevertheless, he saw something that completely changed his life. Dr. Alexander claims that he initially saw strange shadows, but he remembers not being afraid of them. He was surrounded by a shapeless blackness, and he could not remember his own life. Suddenly he was pulled out of this darkness by a "white light," and at this moment Eben heard "perfect music." The light led the doctor into a wormhole, or as he also calls it, a light portal or the "Gateway Valley."

Source: The Sun

Once out of this wormhole, Alexander found himself in a "perfect world with some earthly features," which was much larger than ours. The neurosurgeon described a land of beautiful, very lush forests and meadow waterfalls with crystal-blue bodies of water, and transparent, shimmering creatures flying across the sky and leaving long, airplane-like trails behind them.

"It was like Plato's perfect world. A perfect world," this is how Dr. Alexander describes what he saw.

According to Eben, in the new world he met a spiritual guide in the form of a woman. She had sparkling blue eyes, high cheekbones, a broad forehead, and a radiant smile, and her face was framed by golden-blond tresses. Although she didn't utter a word, she communicated with Eben telepathically and radiated "pure love." He reached his destination, "The Core," as Alexander calls it, with his guide on butterfly wings. "The Core" was an endless darkness filled with the thunderous hymns of angelic choirs. Eben has not so much seen as felt the existence of the deity we in this world refer to as God, but explains that he cannot define his essence.

Source: The Sun

"Allah, Vishnu, Jehovah, Yahweh - the names get in the way, and the conflicting details of orthodox religions obscure the reality of such an infinitely loving and creative source," Alexander says.

As the neurosurgeon describes it, he went through several levels of this world during his seven days in a coma and always received the same message telepathically, "You are loved with an everlasting love, you are taken care of. You have nothing to fear."

Source: The Sun

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Recovery against all odds

Eben fought for life for seven days and regained consciousness, but already a completely different person. Alexander's behavior and what he said shocked his family. For 36 hours after waking up, he was in a seizure state, as if he had gone insane. The neurosurgeon's sister was very frightened when he behaved like a "little Buddha" with his loved ones.

"I was sitting on the bed like this little Buddha just saying, 'All is well' looking everyone deeply in the eyes," the doctor says. "Now, I don't remember that."

Despite the severity of the illness and doctors' predictions, Eben miraculously recovered without any serious health consequences. Contact with something unknown changed Alexander's outlook. A man of science, distant from religion, who after a tragic incident in his family had given up on faith entirely, he was now not so sure of his principles. "I can't tell you how powerful the experience was, and it really was just the beginning," Dr. Alexander says.

Source: The Sun

After the whole experience, the neurosurgeon turned to people for advice. "Don't wait until the end of your life to think about how you lived," he urges. "You can't prepare for your last day in advance," says the neurosurgeon meaning that you have to make choices consciously every day.

Source: The Sun

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