Annabel Fenwick Elliott, 35, who works as a journalist has recently confessed on TikTok that she rarely showers, skips deodorant, and doesn't brush teeth because it makes her food taste minty. The woman lives alone with a dog in the countryside in Essex, UK, and doesn't care about self-hygiene.

Source: Daily Mail

Elliott's fiancé works abroad, so as an introvert the woman rarely sees other people.

Source: Daily Mail

Annabel's video in which she revealed that her hygiene is 'at the very bottom of her priority list' has racked up more than half a million views on TikTok.

Source: Daily Mail

"You might assume, given I'm not a fan of soap, hardly ever comb my hair, often forget to brush my teeth every day and sometimes don't shower for a week, that I'm one of a few things – homeless, an addict or mentally unhinged."

"I am none of these things, but eschew regular washing out of choice. Surely, I must be a raging hippy then? Wrong again. I don't believe in homoeopathy, star signs or the doctrine of Extinction Rebellion. Nor do I like slumming it. I don't even enjoy camping."

Source: Daily Mail

The point is that the woman works from home in the countryside and usually the only living being who sees her throughout the day is her dog.

Annabel confesses that she is rather lazy, adding that "my own cleanliness is at the very bottom of my priority list."

Source: Daily Mail

Another reason for Annabel's rarely showering is that she doesn't like the feeling of getting wet, and being cold, and then getting dry. To make matters worse, not showering every day means not changing every day, which the woman thinks fine.

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In addition, Elliott doesn't brush her hair, but instead just bung it in a bun atop her head when it starts getting too tangled.

Source: Daily Mail

"I don't use deodorant or antiperspirant – what exactly is the point, unless I happen to be seeing someone?"

Annabel is less proud of the fact that she hardly ever brushes her teeth the recommended twice or three times a day, because she doesn't like how food tastes afterwards.

Source: Daily Mail

However, the woman didn't always neglect hygiene. When she worked in London in an office, she showered most weekdays, wore makeup and used deodorant.

Source: Daily Mail

When Annabel's fiancé is at home she bothers to brush her teeth twice a day, but as soon as he's gone the woman's weird habits return.

Source: Daily Mail

"My hairbrush gathers dust, my shower gets lonely, and my washing machine wonders what it's done to offend me."


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And what do you think about this woman's habits? Should one care about hygiene when nobody sees him/her? Share your opinion!

Source: Daily Mail

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