There are all kinds of neighbors. Some are polite, helpful, and pleasant to deal with, while others may be rude and pushy. And this story is about the latter kind of neighbors.

An anonymous woman took to Reddit to tell Internet users how she was able to teach her impudent neighbors a good lesson. The point was that the woman's neighbor was parking all his nine cars on the road including the two in front of her house. Given that he had a large driveway which was always empty and he used only half of these cars and the rest he wouldn't move for a week, the whole situation seemed rather uncomfortable for all the residents of the area.

The woman went on to say that in the area where she lives there's a regulation according to which you can't leave your car parked in the same spot for more than 48 hours, but the man ignores it as well.

She asked her neighbor to remove the cars but he refused to do it, saying that he doesn't like "to leave their driveway with cars because it looks tacky."

"Over half the cars they have they don’t even use them. They just use them to save parking spots for themselves," she added.

Source: The Sun

But one year ago the woman spotted that her neighbors were building second unit at the back of their main house.

"I noticed that they completed the house in under a month," she explained.

The woman smelt the rat since in her area only city inspections take from 2 to 3 months. So, she submitted a ticket with her local authorities through the app that some illegal residential building without permits might have been built on her neighbors' property.

A year later she noticed her neighbors tearing down their second unit. It was rumored that a city inspector came to her neighbor to make sure that everything was pulled down. Judging by the size of the building it must have cost her neighbor over $100,000.

This post immediately became popular and was showered with comments:

"The driveway thing sounds stupid. Never thought of it being tacky to have cars parked in a driveway. Unless the cars are beaters," one person wrote.

"I can’t imagine caring about how it looks if you park your own car(s) on your driveway. It’s the reason the f*ing driveway exists," another added.

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Some started giving advice on making the revenge sweeter:

"You need to give their cars some shade. Plant a couple of Mulberry trees as close to the curb as you are allowed. They grow fast and the berries make a real mess, not to mention the birds who stop to eat those berries."

Another shared his own story about how to deal with drivers who park in the wrong place:

"Popcorn works really well too. A guy in a convertible Mustage drove the wrong way up a one-way parking lot to steal a space I'd been waiting for over 15 minutes. I worked on a beach and had to wait for elderly tourists to pack up. Everyone was yelling at him but he gave no f*s. After I found a space, I wrote a note about karma coming around to those who were shitty to others and threw popcorn all around (and maybe some accidentally got inside) his car. The seagulls s*t everywhere. Inside and out. Sctached it up quite a bit, too. Oops."

And what do you think about the woman? Was she right? Would you act in the same way?

Source: Reddit

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