An anonymous woman has recently shared a photo of a letter she received from her neighbor on Reddit. In fact, the letter wasn't very polite. It was a poison-pen note calling her a "Grinch" and "humbug" for not taking part in Christmas preparations.

The letter read, "Congratulations! You have won the Humbug award! Because you've chosen to be a Grinch and not put up Christmas lights. You have disappointed all the children, young, and old in your community!"

Source: The Sun

The sender of the note went on to say that the cost of living crisis is no excuse, as LED lights can be purchased second hand and are "inexpensive." It continued, "LED lights are inexpensive to operate and can even be purchased in second hand stores for reasonable prices. They can last for years!"

Then the neighbor supposed that the reason for not getting into the festive spirit was the woman's spending too much money on gadgets.

"Remember when you were a kid and saw all those Christmas lights on your street? And what happened? Do better next year and give a smile to those in need...but remember, you still have time! It only takes a small effort to make a big difference!"

Source: Reddit

The post has been showered with comments, in which Internet users came up with some funny ways to respond to this angry note.

"You want a 20 foot high light up pentagram on my front yard? Cause that's how you get one...." one joked.

"Should totally put out one single light in protest," another wrote.

"I prefer high-intensity spotlight shining directly in the neighbor’s window," a third advised.

And what do you think about this note? What would you do if you received one?

Source: Reddit

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