Karla Swindle of S & K Quarter Horses in Fayette has recently found herself in rather difficult situation. Her beloved mare Sandy that lived for 22 years at the farm seriously got ill and passed away just after giving birth to a beautiful foal.

Fortunately, her rescue dog Zip came to the rescue. He became a dad for the orphaned foal.

Karla Swindle

When the foal was born, nothing unusual drew Swindle's attention. However, a day later Sandy the mare started showing signs of being ill. First, she seemed to recover but a day later her health started to quickly deteriorate.

Swindle called for a vet, but when the specialist came nothing could be done.

It was then Zip the dog took a special interest in the foal. The pet must have felt that the colt was left without his mom and needed somebody to comfort him.

The dog laid his head on the young horse's neck showing sympathy.

Source: YouTube screenshot

"He was laying there by his neck and the dog was whining, like crying," Swindle said. "It just broke my heart. I just started crying," she added.

Since then, the loyal rescue dog hasn't left the side of his new companion. Swildle is very happy that the foal she named Tye has such a caring dad by his side.

Of course, Tye has to be bottle-fed every few hours with formula. But his loyal friend makes sure that Tye doesn’t feel lonely.

Karla Swindle

Watch this absolutely lovely video of Zip comforting the orphaned colt:

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This beautiful pair shows that friendship knows no bounds.

Source: horseyhooves.com

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