On returning home with her newborn baby girl Collyns, Ashlyn Williams, 33, was concerned that her eldest son Brooks might be jealous. However, the boy couldn't stop smiling when he finally met his sister.

The video the family posted shows Brooks starting to cry when the girl was taken away from him. "You want her back? All right, all right," the mother said.

As soon as his sister was returned, Brooks burst out smiling looking lovingly at the baby girl.

"It was really sweet, he already loves her so much. We were won over by his reaction," the mom added.

The video quickly went viral and was showered with comments:

"My mom sent me this video and wrote she wished I had reacted this way to my little newborn sister. I ran away and started screaming."

"This is what sincere and pure love looks like."

"The video is so adorable. I'm going to write my big brother."

Wacth this heartwarming moment:

Source: simya.24tv

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