In the late 1960s, Theodore Conrad worked as an ordinary bank teller. He didn't stand out in any way until he robbed his bank. One evening he just walked out of the building with $1 million in his bag. Such cases are usually solved quickly by detectives. But Conrad seemed to have vanished into thin air. He was wanted for 52 years and the police found him too late.

At the time of his disappearance, the guy was only 20 years old. On Friday, July 11, 1969, when no one was at the bank, Conrad just walked into the vault, picked up a bag full of bills and left. The loss was discovered only the following Monday, giving him a two-day head start to flee and hide.


The police immediately issued a warrant for his arrest. Theodore was searched all over the country, and his photos were printed in numerous newspapers. The officers' efforts yielded no results, and it was not until 52 years later that an Ohio detective, Peter Elliott, solved the unusual case by accident.


He saw an obituary in the paper with Conrad's name on it. It turned out that the bank teller hadn't fled the country at all. He went to a neighboring state, changed his identity, and led a law-abiding life. The money was enough for the guy to stay out of work and start a family.


Conrad told his wife and son the secret just before he passed away. They gave his real identity to the newspaper:

The clerk's case has become legendary. No one else has ever pulled off anything like it.


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