Hannah and Dave Rowett, pub owners from Nottinghamshire, UK, have recently had a spooky experience when walking their dogs in a local park at around 6.30am.

Feeling that 'they weren't alone,' Mrs Rowett quickly pulled out her phone and captured a grey figure crawling across the path just in front of them.

Clumber Park, the park the couple was walking in, is believed to be haunted by a spirit called Grey Lady wearing a long grey cloak.

Source: Daily Mail

'I've just seen a ghost,' Mrs Rowett told her husband.

She went on to explain: 'Initially I thought it was a dog, but then as I look at it it's more a human-type form. Dave was still getting one of the dogs out of the car and I just sensed I wasn't on my own. I took a photo and as I did it went across the camera."

Source: Daily Mail

'It's quite demonic in the way it's crawling and has long limbs. It never changes its form. If it was smoke it would change. When I sense things I always get my camera out because you don't always see things with the naked eye. That's why I caught it,' the woman added.

Although her husband Dave had always been rather skeptical about the paranormal, after this incident he has changed his mind.

Source: Daily Mail

Mrs Rowett made a video clip of the series of pics she took in the park and posted it on Facebook. Her video captioned 'It seems we weren't alone on our early morning walk in Clumber today' has been shared over 3,000 times.

The woman claims she would also see an old man that haunted the house she lived in her childhood.

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Do you think this is a ghost captured on the video or just a second-rate Photoshop? Share your opinion!

Source: Daily Mail

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