Sometimes a job of a landlord can be a tricky one. Although there lots of kind and responsible tenants, some seem to have come from hell. This is what has happened to Mathew Hanan, the man who rents out a house on 167 Beach 113th Street in the Rockaways, NYC.

Source: Daily Mail

In February 2020, Annamarie Hosang, now 64, rented Hanan's third-floor Rockaway Beach apartment for $1,750 a month. The woman paid only for two months, and since April 2020 stopped paying at all. Now she owes $40,000 to Hanan.

Annamarie Hosang. Source: Daily Mail

Besides not paying the rent, the woman also flooded her apartment and left the unit below uninhabitable, threw all-night parties, hoarded junk in her kitchen and hallway, and held barbeques indoors.

Source: Daily Mail

Mathew Hanan is at his wits' end how to evict the woman.

According to Hanan, his two-year struggle to evict the nasty tenant yielded no result due to a COVID relief program aimed at preventing workers who'd lost their jobs from being evicted.

'My biggest problem is with the courts. As destructive as she is, it just angers me so much that the courts would let this happen. In my predicament, they allow this to continue,' Hasan complains.

Source: Daily Mail

The man says that the police showed zero interest in tackling Hosang when she threatened other tenants with a shovel. Moreover, the landlord has already lost several tenants because of Hosang's antisocial behavior.

Source: Daily Mail

'I believe everybody should have a roof over their head. But damn. The moment you say something to her, she gets really nasty,' said one of Hasan's tenants.

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This video shows how destructive Hosang has been:

Source: Daily Mail

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