A couple from Australia made a surprise for the bride's mom, who lives in a nursing home. They didn't want the woman to miss out on the big day, so they came up with the idea to bring the wedding to her.

The 92-year-old woman was so touched by such a nice gesture! She really wanted to see her daughter get married.

Daphne, 92, made it to the ceremony. Source: YouTube screenshot

How the ceremony was organized

Paul Williams and Bridgette Taylor decided to get married after 15 years together. The couple realized that the 92-year-old mother of the bride, Daphne, would not be able to come to the ceremony.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The woman has certain health issues: she cannot move around on her own even in a wheelchair, and she also uses a hearing aid. Therefore, it would be difficult for her to travel outside the care home, even with someone's help.

However, Paul suggested a very original way out: to hold the ceremony at the nursing home where Daphne lives. The staff was happy to organize a small celebration. They decorated the room, put up a wedding arch, and even let the couple take their pet with them. Everything looked just gorgeous!

Paul and Bridget with their dog. Source: YouTube screenshot

"It's been a rough year. So, finish it on a high," Paul said.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The man also thanked the staff for agreeing to make the wedding venue so special! They hadn't seen Daphne in a long time, and now they made such a beautiful surprise.

Source: YouTube screenshot

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We wish the newlyweds and Daphne long and happy life!

Here is the video from the ceremony:

Source: 9news.com.au

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