In India, a cab driver sold his house and started living in his own car to make his granddaughter's dream come true.

Desraj from Maharashtra, India, had two sons who died a few years apart, so he decided to take care of his granddaughters. Working as an autorickshaw driver, he did his best to provide for his family.

One of the granddaughters, who was in high school, dreamt of enrolling at university. The girl understood that there was not enough money for her education and with these worries she came to her grandfather. However, Desraj promised that he would do everything to make sure her granddaughter received education.

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Desraj spent almost all of his salary on tuition, so the family did not even have enough money to buy food. When Desraj's wife fell ill, the cab driver had to beg for money on the streets to buy medicine.

Seeing his granddaughter making great strides in her studies and dreaming of becoming a teacher, Grandpa realized that it was his duty to fulfill her dream. To pay for university, Desraj sent his other grandchildren and daughters-in-law to live with relatives in the countryside, and sold the only thing he had – his house.

"Educating her in another city was far beyond my means, but I had to fulfill her dream at any cost. So, I sold our house and paid for her education," Desraj remembered.

Source: Facebook

That money was enough to pay for her tuition, but Grandpa was left on the street. He slept in his old cab and went to work in the morning, driving tourists around Mumbai until late at night.

When his granddaughter took her first exams a year later, she pleased her grandfather by coming first among the other groupmates. On that day, the proud cab driver drove customers for free, telling them about his granddaughter.

That's how Mumbai learned his story. People decided to help the elderly man and created a page on a crowdfunding platform, where in a few months 2.4 million rupees were gathered. With this money Desraj is going to buy a new house to take other grandchildren back to the city and pay for their education, too. After all, the elderly man really wants them all to be able to receive education.


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