A man who's recently moved into his new home spotted a pipe buried in his backyard. Just out of curiosity, he took a small camera, tied it to a rope and lowered it down to see what was hidden at the bottom. The pipe looked small, but the rope uncoiled until it reached the 120-foot mark.

There was nothing else near the pipe, so the structure looked extremely strange.

The man's camera was equipped not only with a flashlight, but also a microphone. At the depth of 30 feet, he heard unusual sounds. It was only possible to understand their nature when watching the video. The camera just hit the edges of the shaft.

Source: YouTube screenshot

It's amazing how fascinating a video like this can be:

The man most likely found one of the pipes that was intended to be used as a well hole. Looks like the previous homeowner changed his mind and gave up this idea.

Source: trendymen.com

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