A resident of a small nothern village saw a hawk entangled in a fishing line. The fisherman could not pass by and decided to help. He recorded the rescue operation on video. In the footage you can see that the bird of prey understood the man without words.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The hawk must have dived into the river for fish. But it landed right in a fishing line left by someone. At high speed, the bird got tangled up badly.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The fisherman saw that the hawk was absolutely exhausted. The bird managed to get tangled up even more, that made the fishing line trap its wings, neck and claws. The man began to untangle the trap carefully, in some places cutting the line with a knife.

Source: YouTube screenshot

All the while the hawk was staring at his savior. The bird seemed to understand the man:

Eventually the hawk was freed. The bird is sure to remember the lesson.

Source: trendymen.com

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