Two experienced sailors were amazed when they found an empty drifting ship in the middle of the ocean. In fact, the white yacht they found was believed to have sunk during a storm near the Bermuda Triangle back in 2013.

The yacht had to be abandoned when it was caught in 20-foot waves 70 miles north of the island in the North Atlantic Ocean. The storm was so devastating that it resulted in both power and engine failures. Fortunately, the crew was rescued by two cargo ships passing by. Although the vessel was supposed to have been wrecked by stormy weather, a couple spotted it 800 miles from Bermuda.

Source: YouTube screenshot

The experienced sailor Matt Rutherford was the first to spot the vessel that had been drifting in the North Atlantic for a decade.

"I have no idea what's inside, I'm going to go and search around and I hope I don't find any dead bodies or anything," Rutherford said filming himself on video.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Soon afterwards he thanked God that there were no dead bodies inside.

"This is absolutely crazy by the way. 800 miles from Bermuda, 1,500 miles from the US, standing on a very nice Swan 48, in the middle of the ocean."

Source: YouTube screenshot

The ship, found over 700 miles from where it was abandoned in 2013, belonged to skipper Alan McGettigan from the Royal Irish Yacht Club.


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