Aimee Elizabeth from Las Vegas is a millionaire who takes cold showers and buys cat food instead of tuna because it is a quarter cheaper.

The woman dubbed "world's cheapest multi-millionaire" also starred on the show Extreme Cheapskates where she shared her eccentric habits.

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Despite having a net worth of $5.3million, Aimee was seen giving her ex-husband Michael Murrey cat food instead of tuna. The woman thought it was a great idea since it was 30 cents cheaper than regular tuna.

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One of Aimee's friends revealed on the show: "One of the times I noticed Aimee was a cheapskate was [when] I came over to her house and she asked me if I wanted lunch. So I said, 'Sure.' She makes me a tuna sandwich. As I'm eating the sandwich I'm thinking, 'This is a little fishy, what is this?'" she said

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"And then I looked on the countertop, and I noticed there were empty cat food cans. I thought, 'No, she didn't do this,'" Aimee's friend shared.

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According to Aimee, she also takes cold showers to save $80 a month on her water bill.

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Kitchen sponges are also used until they are ragged. Although the sponges might seem nasty, she doesn't see any reason to throw them away before they fall apart.

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Aimee's monthly budget is only $1,000. Moreover, she works hard and manages to save $200,000 annually. It comes as surprise that her ex-husband comes to clean her luxurious home for free that allows her to save $400 a month on cleaning. 

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