Brittany Davis once had a small puppy, but it grew up too fast. After a while the dog grew bigger than any wolf. The owner published photos of the pet and standing even on four paws he is as tall as a human.

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The woman was advised to get a dog by her brother, who also helped her find a puppy. What Brittany wasn't told was that her puppy was a Great Dane, the biggest dog breed we know.

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Zeus differed from the other puppies by his giant paws. However, after six months the body was quite in line with them, and as an adult the dog became just huge.

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"My friends looked at the dog and couldn't believe it could even happen. I was advised to contact the Guinness Book of World Records and here is the surprise: Zeus was recognized as the biggest dog in the world," Brittany told reporters.

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Standing on four paws, Zeus reaches almost one and a half meters at the withers. The giant eats 14 kilograms of food each day and weighs almost 72 kilograms.

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