Amir is only 9 years old, but he is very responsible for his age. He has three siblings whom his mom raises on her own, so their family has been struggling financially for a long time.

To make matters worse, the family can afford to rent only the cheapest housing. So, to support herself and her kids, Amir's mother juggles three jobs including that of a janitor.

On seeing how his mom struggled to earn a living, it occurred to the boy that as the eldest son it was his duty to help his mom. So, one day Amir took a broom and started sweeping his residential area.


Soon all the people from his neighborhood knew about the hardworking boy and they couldn't help admiring Amir's devotion to his family.

When the mayor found out about Amir and his family, he contacted the boy's mother and offered Amir a new job.


Amir was to inform the mayor's administration about the problems in his neighborhood.


But that was not all. The large family received an unexpected gift from the mayor: their own apartment in a new residential building!


It’s impossible to describe how happy Amir and his mother were. The boy couldn't be happier as he would not only have his own desk to do his homework, but also his own corner that he could furnish to his liking.


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Thank you kind people for helping this family!


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