Bonnie and Clyde are a couple of swans, which never leave each other's side. Interestingly enough, it took four strong men, two rafts, and special equipment to separate them.

In Crewe, UK, Bonnie and Clyde are known to everyone. They are a couple of swans living in the local lake all year round. There they are fed, cared for, and looked after. The couple are real local celebrities. Bonnie and Clyde are truly inseparable, since usually they don't swim several feet away from each other.

But one day Bonnie accidentally hurt her leg. The bird began to limp badly, and of course, this could not be unnoticed by caring locals. They called Swan Rescue to take her to the vet hospital to treat her leg. On realizing she would be separated from her sweetheart, Bonnie decided she would not surrender voluntarily.

Source: RSPCA

It might seem that a bird, especially a wounded one, cannot compare to a strong man. But swans have strong wings and a sharp beak. Bonnie tried to run away from the rescue team, and when her attempt failed, she tried to bite them to death. The bird was more than convincing in her intention not to leave the lake. But the professionals couldn't just give up, could they? So it took a team of four trained men and two life rafts to catch Bonnie and take her to safety.

Source: RSPCA

The Wildlife Assistance Center immediately began treating the swan. They wanted to get her back to Clyde as soon as possible. After all, swans are known to be monogamous birds and have a hard time experiencing the loss of a mate. It was quite obvious that Bonnie's mate was so upset by separation. Unfortunately, it turned out that the bird could not make a full recovery. The old injury, which had healed without the vet care, was making itself felt. But the vets did their best to treat Bonnie.

Source: RSPCA

Bonnie stayed in the vet hospital for a month. How did the birds got over the separation? How will Clyde accept his mate's return? Will Bonnie be happy to see her mate? All the locals gathered to watch the reunion, as they had been concerned about the lovers' fate for a month. Finally, the vets opened the car, then opened the cage, and the white bird came ashore.

Source: RSPCA

"As soon as she was released, she immediately rushed to her mate, and they put their necks together forming a heart. It was a wonderful moment," rescuers recall.

Source: RSPCA

The swans stood like that for at least 15 minutes. They looked into each other's eyes and stroked each other's necks. It seemed that they could not get enough of each other after a long and painful separation. The anticipation of seeing each other again helped them through this difficult period. Hopefully they will not have to part again.

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