An elongated military submarine was raised near South Carolina coast in early 2000. Its cylindrical hull was held together by copper rings. Its examination showed that the vessel was launched 160 years ago challenging the belief that submarines were invented much later.


The submarine looked like an elongated tube and was 40 feet long, 48 inches high, and 42 inches wide. It housed 8 men whose job was to propel through man power this submarine under water.


The bow of the strange vessel bore the inscription H.L. Hunley which made it possible to identify the object. As it turned out, the researchers came across the legendary submarine of the Confederate States of America created by Horace Lawson. 


Some information about the submarine was found in the archives. Its crew consisted of a commander and seven sailors and it had a mine installed in the bow.

The submarine even took part in one battle, and successfully accomplished the task. However, the submarine never returned to the surface:

H.L. Hunley is now fully restored. It is on display in North Charleston, where anyone can look at the machinery of the past.


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