About 6 million years ago, a bird the size of a small modern aircraft flew in the sky of Argentina. On coming across its fossils, paleontologists though that they had discovered a new species of dinosaurs. They could not imagine how Argentavis could fly at all.

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The size of Argentavis magnificens is indeed impressive. The bird weighed 150 lb, and its wingspan reached 23 ft. This is quite comparable to the size of Pteranodons, whose wingspan reached 26 ft.

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But the Pteranodon, like the entire pterodactyl family, lived much earlier, from 167 to 67 million years ago. Argentavis, on the other hand, is much younger. Anatomically, this bird is closest to the ancient stork.

Argentavis were too big to take off from a flat surface. 

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Most likely, they were soaring using ascending currents of warm air and could reach the speed of up to 41 mph:

Some scientists believe that Argentavis still live deep in the jungle. Theoretically it might be true.

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