According to astrologers, retrograde motion of the planets is often a period of mishaps, confusion, and strange events in our lives. Astrologers have just revealed what time periods in 2023 Uranus will move in the opposite direction and how it will affect us.

When exactly will Uranus go retrograde in 2023?

Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun, will go retrograde twice this year – from January 1 to January 22 (which is right now), and August 29 to December 31.

How will Uranus retrograde affect us?

Source: X-ray: NASA/CXO/University College London

It is a time when many people may feel a rush of desire to change, to start over in life. But these urges to change need to be carefully managed, and not to be tempted by quick, not very well thought-out decisions. But there are benefits for irresolute people. They may experience an inherent boldness and determination that is good for them.

Moreover, during Uranus retrograde, there is the possibility of getting bogged down in laziness, absent-mindedness, and overdue tasks. Try to stay focused, otherwise there is a high risk of misfortunes. On the other hand, at this time indecisive personalities may feel more courage to act.


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