In a deep forest, a forest ranger came across a mysterious cabin. The door was open, so Mark was able to look inside. The man realized that it was necessary to return to the cabin with his fellow forest rangers. Five days later, a group came to the cabin, but the home was gone. There was a strange symbol on the ground instead.


The cabin was built by a man who knew the forest well. It could not be seen from 15 ft away, and no path led to the hut.

Nevertheless, the cabin was built as a permanent home. Its floor was raised on concrete blocks, there was a separate porch with a veranda, and several windows. The walls and roof of the cabin were covered with camouflage netting.


Some food, a stove, and a bookshelf were found inside. Evidently, the owner of the house was going to live there, at least in summer. However, living in the national park was against law, so the forest ranger left a warning and went to get help.


Five days later Mark returned to the cabin with a team of rangers. Amazingly, they no longer found any cabin. Instead, there was an occult symbol on the ground.


Specialists haven't figured out what it stood for:

It is still unclear who the owner of the cabin was.


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