Kimberly Chastin of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, has become a mother for the seventh time. The 51-year-old woman gave birth to a son through an IVF procedure using two donors (male and female). She spent a total of $35,000 on her wish to become a mother again.

Kimberly actually has a very interesting life story. In her 20s, after becoming a mother of three children, she underwent a tubal ligation, not wanting to get pregnant again. Nevertheless, she later married a second time and changed her mind. The doctors managed to revert the procedure and three more babies were born in the new marriage. With six children in her care, Kimberly decided that now she had had enough and had her tubes tied for the second time.

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However, three years after her second divorce, Kimberly fell in love again. The young man did not talk about children, but Kimberly herself began to dream about them. She went to the clinic again to get her tubes back together. This time the doctor warned her that because of the many scars and the poor quality of her eggs, the chances of having another child were low. Kimberly didn't let that stop her.

She broke up with her lover, but she found donors to do IVF and carry the baby herself. When she learned of her seventh pregnancy, her second daughter, 33-year-old Kayla, also told her she was expecting a child. That's how Kimberly became both a mom and a grandmother at once in 2022.

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"At first my family was against it; they were worried that the baby might be born with special features. But when I told them I would involve donors, everyone calmed down," Kimberly says. And her daughter adds: "My mom is a grown woman who can make her own choices. Still, even in my 30s, motherhood is difficult, so I wouldn't have agreed to run a baby through a sandbox in my 50s. But again, it's her life and her decision".

At 32 weeks of pregnancy, Kimberly's placenta detached and the baby was born prematurely. Despite the challenges, the mother and her six children, 35-year-old Jessica, 33-year-old Kayla, 31-year-old Richard, 20-year-old Blake, 19-year-old Briar and 17-year-old Balin, are thrilled to meet the newest member of their extended family.

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