This lynx had quite a difficult time trying to keep track of her two restless cubs and yet they can't get any farther than the enclosure!

Let's be honest, it is inconceivable how mothers of twins manage it all. It seems like some sort of superpower that comes with having two kids. Even if that mom is a wild lynx, and she doesn't have to shuffle her little one to a daycare and pottery class or change his/her diaper. Just look at how hard she tries to take care of her babies!

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot

Some time ago a lynx from the Vienna Zoo became a mother for the first time, and for her all this fuss is new. She gave birth in secret to protect her cubs and now she is all alone with motherly chores. Even the cubs' father doesn't help with bringing up the babies: he was put in the neighboring enclosure and he can only watch the cubs play.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Even in the wild, big cat males don't raise their offspring. The mother feeds her kids with milk, protects them from other predators, teaches them how to hunt for prey, recognize scents and sounds, and leads them out on their first hunt.

Source: Legion Media

A month later the shy babies came out into the open for the first time in their life. And as we can see, this lynx is a great mom. Despite her confusion and inexperience, she does her best to support the little ones. The kids adore her. Look how this loving mommy washes her babies!

The lynx disappeared from Austria in 1892, as the animal was seen as a threat to humans. European breeding program aims to resettle the lynx in the wild. The two newborn cubs from the Vienna Zoo won't be released into the wild, but will be brought up in large compounds to breed animals which will then be resettled.

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