Patrick Conley's house is located at the edge of the woods. And for several years bear Simone would come to the guy's house and thus the man and the wild animal have become friends. The bear kept a reasonable distance, but one day Patrick woke up to a noise. When he opened the door, he saw that the bear had come right onto his porch and broght her cubs.

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Asheville, North Carolina, is situated near two major national parks. Locals have long been used to seeing large animals near the city and they know how to behave when being close to them.

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A bear named Simone has been visiting Patrick for years. The visits became more frequent before winter since the guy always left food on his property.

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This time, however, Simone has come unexpectedly. It seems that the bear purposely brought her first litter to show them to the man who has been kind to her.

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Patrick looked outside and did his best not to spook the animals. He recorded a short video of the bear and her cubs:

After walking around the porch for a while, the animals returned to the woods. Simone is sure to visit Patrick again.


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